Hi, I am Shilpa!

A UX researcher based in Boulder, Colorado

I collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data and its integration, drawing on the strengths of both approaches. My goal is to deliver valuable insights that address the ‘why’ behind user actions and drive informed decisions for what needs to be done next.

Shilpa Mehta (she/her) is a Graduate UX Researcher for the User Experience Research & Design team at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is also pursuing her master’s in Creative Technology and Design at the University of Colorado Boulder, expected to complete in May of 2024.

Before joining her master’s program at CU, she worked for a Japanese bank for 12 years, where she honed her skills in managing customer-centric operations for the international trade division and delved deep into customer insights to develop innovative financial solutions.

At CU Boulder, Shilpa worked as a Learning Assistant in the fall of 2022 for the course Light and Perception, where she assessed student needs and designed coursework for perspective drawing, lighting, shadow, textures, and portraits.

Driven by her passion for creating user-centered experiences, Shilpa joined the User Experience Research and Design team in the Office of Information Technology starting in January of 2023 as a UX Research intern and then in fall of 2023 as a Graduate UX Researcher. In that role, Shilpa works closely with the team’s UX designers, content designers, and researchers to plan and facilitate research studies and understand user needs related to CU’s online tools and technologies.

Winter Barriers to Campus Accessibility

As part of my coursework for Fieldwork Methods, I carried out a Needs Assessment to identify challenges faced by individuals with mobility issues during winter on campus.

Research study on CU Online Degrees with Coursera

I led a research study as part of my summer internship with UXRD team at OIT, CU Boulder, to help the campus better understand the student experience with the CU online degree programs

Student Profile Tool & Post Enrollment Form Survey Analysis

I studied the student profile tool and performed a qualitative analysis of the post-enrollment survey for all the online master’s degree programs offered through the University of Colorado Boulder and hosted online through Coursera’s learning platform.

A Research Study on Atlas B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance

As a community of radical researchers working at the intersection of art and technology, the ATLAS B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance strives to understand the needs and challenges of the creative community. As part of my final group project for the UX research class, I conducted interviews and designed a survey to understand the needs and barriers of the B2 center.

Synthesis UXR: Teardown

Social video platforms and apps are where users create/upload, share, and view video content.

I uncovered the UX best practices on how video apps enable users to watch, find, comment, recommend, and share videos.

EmoEase: Calming comfort for your little ones!

Everyone shows signs of ADHD at one time or another. But kids with ADHD struggle a lot more with them than other kids their age.

I designed an app for children with ADHD to manage their symptoms and live their best life.

Mapping the User Experience of Finding and Securing a Discount Flight.