A really long Elevator-A Design Exercise

This is the first design assignment that I completed while doing a course named User Experience Principles and Processes on Coursera.


A really long elevator. An elevator that can service all of the floors of a 10,000 floor building. A building, at 30,000 meters (100,000 feet, or roughly 3-4 times higher than Mt. Everest) could probably not be built given current technology. Considering, though, that at 20.5 m/s (the current top speed for an elevator, a record held by Shanghai Tower), it would take nearly 30 minutes to reach the top floor if there were no stops in between. Also considering that an elevator servicing so many floors would need to move a lot of people, suggesting a capacity of dozens, if not hundreds, of passengers.


  1. An elevator with 10,000 floors
  2. Elevator with a capacity of dozens
  3. Providing control to all passengers



Keeping in mind that such an interface would make riders aware of the elevator status (current floor, time to desired floor) as well as providing control, I designed 10 different control interfaces using Balsamiq.

My criteria

  1. Points of Interaction
  2. Personal devices
  3. Wearables