Winter Barriers to Campus Accessibility

Winter Barriers to Campus Accessibility Project Scope Client CU Boulder Methods Secondary Research, Observations, Interviews Duration 6 months My Role UX researcher Team Me Urban Planner UX Designer Economist Background Within the United States, educational institutions must ensure buildings have accessible entrances as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As a leading public […]

Coursera Degree Students Interview – [Cloned #2966]

B2 center for media, arts and performance Research Study, May 2023 Background The B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance values collaborative, cross-disciplinary experimentation that combines art, technology, media, science, performance, and radical innovation. The Black Box Experimental Studio and four studio laboratories with some of the most cutting-edge media creation and performance technology are […]

CU Online Degrees with Coursera

CU ONLINE DEGREES WITH COURSERA MSEE Student Profile Survey Insights & Enrollment Form Survey The analysis for the Student Profile Tool and Post Enrollment Surveys has been done as part of a research study on “CU Online Degrees with Coursera” while working as a UX researcher for the UXRD team at the Office of Information […]

Coursera Degree Students Interview

CU Online Degrees with Coursera- RESEARCH STUDY Summer 2023 Background and Objectives During the summer of 2023, I led a research study on “CU Online Degrees with Coursera” under the supervision of my program manager while working for the UXRD team at the Office of Information Technology (OIT), CU Boulder. We undertook this research for […]

Break the Bias

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a poster-making competition was organized at my workplace. I chose to depict a girl playing football since in India girls are largely discouraged to take sports as their career and there is not enough understanding of the importance of sports for the development of young girls. By showing […]