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Research Study on ATLAS B2 Center for Media, Arts and Performance.

The B2 Center for Media, Arts & Performance values collaborative, cross-disciplinary experimentation that combines art, technology, media, science, performance, and radical innovation. The Black Box Experimental Studio and four studio laboratories with some of the most cutting-edge media creation and performance technology are available as facilities.


While B2 has many opportunities, it struggles to understand how best to grow the creative community within existing constraints and limited resources. It recently underwent a transformational technological upgrade and has a unique opportunity to reimagine and remake how it fulfills its mission.

This UX study is a group project for the course User Experience Research and will assist leadership in identifying the most important and sustainable changes that can be made to enable the organization to

  • Identify its target community members.
  • Understand their needs and barriers in seeing and participating in B2 as a radical creative community.
  • Propose ideas to address those needs and barriers within existing resources.
  • Identify the larger structural challenges that must be worked within/around.